RIT student Ruoxi Yang (left) helps to translate the teaching of Mr. Ruan Yunsheng 7p of China, even though this was the first time Ruoxi Yang really took a serious look at Go / Weichi / Paduk.

Members and friends of the Empty Sky Go Club attended a teaching session by Mr. Ruan Yunsheng 7P from China. Attendees were from RIT, the University of Rochester and the Rochester community at large.

A "certificate of appreciation" was created by Ruoxi Yang and Dave Boyer working together just the day before via their computers and e-mail. David did the design and layout and Ruoxi did the Chinese translation. All attendees signed it as a souvenir for Mr. Ruan Yunsheng.

China's Ruan Yunsheng 7p played 5 simul go games from the beginner to Dan level.

Chinese people became friends right away. The three right hand guests were from the University of Rochester.

Notes about the proverb on the fan courtesy of Ruoxi Yang, RIT student from China..... It says, "To surpass yourself." (To be superior to your previous self.) The writer is Zude Chen (???) a famous Go player at China. He had been the president of the national level's Go Association and also the Go Institute of China for many years. He resigned maybe 2 or 3 years ago (about 2005). The characters are ????. You read them right to left. The two tiny characters on the far left side is the name of the writer.

1978 Alumni of RIT, Dave "Bippy" Boyer was inspired to meet Ruan Yunsheng 7p for several reasons. Boyer says, "This was an incredible opportunity to get a very different sense of Go / Weichi. It also was a chance to share hospitality and welcome between Americans and Asians. The Chinese guests were kind of surprised how much Empty Sky members really took Go so seriously. Americans can learn from China, where their history spans back more than 600,000 years. Let's just try and learn from each other." Ruan Yunsheng 7p went on to Chicago to play Go the very next day.